Standing still is going backwards, so goes the mantra, and that is especially true for start-ups. More than ever, Belgian start-ups need intensive support, financing and tailor-made advice. But in these challenging times, this is no easy task. That’s why, more than ever, we want to give Belgian start-ups the boost they need with our accelerator! For the eighth time already we open the doors. Until June 7, you can register for an accelerator program of stature! This will give your start-up the boost it needs in these challenging times, thanks to intensive support and 50,000 euros in funding. But what can you actually expect when you participate in our accelerator?

Personalized trajectory, four months

If you are selected for our accelerator, you can expect an intensive four-month trajectory . In the first weeks we let a lot of experts loose on you, all with a proven track record in their domain. During the Focus Days we immerse you in areas such as strategy, sales, marketing and finance, with talks and workshops. By the way, did you know that most of our speakers come from the start-up and scale-up world themselves , so their knowledge is tailored to you? They come from scale-ups like Rydoo, Teamleader, and Showpad, and have proven their expertise more than once.

One of the speakers at work: Charlotte Driessen, ex-Showpad & Rydoo

Of course you also have to roll up your sleeves yourself during this program. Fortunately, you are not alone in this process! The whole Birdhouse team is always there for you. Our start-up coach closely monitors your start-upTogether with you, we will map out your ideal growth path. To do this, she pairs you with the right mentors and experts, who know better than anyone how to take your start-up to the next level. As a founder you can also regularly vent to one of our personal coaches.

Guidance for your ultimate growth

Throughout the program we have regular growth moments where we check how you are doing with your growth goals. This can be one-on-one, with your start-up coach or personal coach, but also with the rest of the start-ups following the programme. In a small group you can discuss your wins and issues, get feedback from your fellow entrepreneurs and learn a lot from each other.

We also give you the chance to learn from our alumni. They have experienced it all, which makes them the ideal teachers. Thanks to our alumni programme and the networking events we organise, you get the chance to ask them questions more than once!

50,000 euros funding

We also take your start-up to the next level financially. We will guide you from start to finish when it comes to raising capital – we will help you draw up a watertight financial plan and match you with the right investors and funds. There is also the Birdhouse-Belfius fund: 10 million euros exclusively for Birdhouse start-ups. Together with Belfius, we are also making a bullet loan of €50,000 available especially for our participating start-ups. We also put you in touch with our network of private investors.

Repeat it to our alumni: your turnover times 3!

After four months of hard work, the moment has come to say goodbye to each other. Not with a fizzle, but with a bang! We organize a big graduation event, to which you can invite important stakeholders, but also friends and family. One last time you pitch with and for us, this time on a big stage. Then we’ll finish off the evening with a party. And after that, we’ll no doubt see you back as proud Birdhouse alumni! You are also welcome after the programme for fun events and inspiring talks.

By the way, did you know that the majority of our alumni continue to grow strongly after their participation? The start-ups from the first three batches, such as Kadonation, have together even managed to increase their turnover tenfold since their participation! Together, our alumni have already raised more than 20 million euro. 86 percent of the start-ups that participated in our accelerator still exist today. They see their sales grow by an average of 325 percent per year. So, what are you waiting for?

Do you want to grow explosively with your start-up?

Register until June 7 for the next Birdhouse accelerator program starting in August!