Birdhouse Masterclass is back. After the success of Finance Masterclass, which immersed 400+ start-ups in the world of financial plans and raising capital, from today onwards you can follow the brand new Marketing Masterclass and Talent Masterclass. You will learn all about setting up and executing a successful marketing campaign and attracting the right talent.

The video course for ambitious start-ups

Getting start-ups to grow at lightning speed is something Birdhouse has been doing for years. Of course we are growing ourselves. More than 3800 start-ups have already signed up for our accelerator. Unfortunately, Birdhouse can’t accompany all of them.

Since we still want to help everyone grow in their startup adventure, we saw the opportunity to set up our own platform. With master classes on Finance and now Marketing and Talent, we offer support in the most important challenge areas for start-ups.

Finance Masterclass: tackle challenge #1 for start-ups

No worries, you’re certainly not the only (future) entrepreneur who lies awake over money. We asked 3,500 startups what their biggest challenges were. At the very top of the podium: finance & funding. This masterclass will help you overcome this hurdle!

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Marketing Masterclass: a turbo on your growth

You don’t want to (and can’t) pay thousands of euros to an agency. But SEO, SEA, bounce rates and funnels may not be your strong points. In this Masterclass you will learn how marketing boosts the growth of your start-up. Under the guidance of experts, you will create your own marketing plan and launch your own successful digital marketing campaign.

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Talent Masterclass: a boost for your team

The lack of a complementary team is the number one cause of 23% of failing start-ups.
At Talent Masterclass you learn how to determine the right profile, how to attract and select the ideal candidate. This is how you build a team that makes your start-up grow even faster and more solidly.

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The speakers: essential lessons from experience experts

The Birdhouse Masterclass classes are taught by real experts by experience: Belgian entrepreneurs who have already created one or more successful start-ups themselves. For example, Davy Kestens (Cake) shows how to convince investors with a strong pitch, while Pieterjan Bouten (Showpad) explains how to negotiate a favourable deal.

Leslie Cottenjé (Hello Customer) tells us how to attract the right talent and build a cohesive team. Gilles Mattelin (Intuo) and Moos Tits (Qallo, Poppy) elaborate on how to position your start-up strongly in the market and turn it into a true marketing and sales machine.

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