Birdhouse Masterclass is an online video course from founders for founders. From mid-January, you can learn how to make your business grow. In the Master Class, which is divided into several topic modules, successful entrepreneurs such as Cake-CEO Davy Kestens, Showpad-CEO Pieterjan Bouten and Freshmen Fund-CEO Hendrik Winkelmans share their professional lessons with you.

Getting start-ups to grow at lightning speed is something Birdhouse has been doing for years. Of course, Birdhouse itself is also growing. This year alone, nearly 800 startups signed up for the Accelerator program. Unfortunately, Birdhouse can’t accompany all of them.

Since we still want to help everyone grow in their startup adventure, we saw the opportunity to set up our own platform. The corona crisis forced everyone to work at home and learn in their own place. That is why we are now launching Birdhouse Masterclass!

What does the Birdhouse Masterclass entail?

Birdhouse Masterclass consists of several masterclasses, which are in turn subdivided into several topics with accompanying videos. The Masterclasses are: Finance, Marketing and Talent. We start with an indispensable and crucial topic, Finance. The Finance Masterclass will be launched in mid-January.

To teach the video lessons, we gathered some of the most prominent entrepreneurs in Belgium. All of them are top professionals who share their personal stories around specific topics, so you don’t have to make the same mistakes they did. Learning from your mistakes is an important aspect of business. With Birdhouse Masterclass, you can learn from other people’s mistakes and grow your business successfully faster.

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Who are the speakers?

Hendrik Winkelmans, Davy Kestens, Frank Maene and Pieterjan Bouten give the Birdhouse Masterclass.
Belgium’s top entrepreneurs are the speakers at Birdhouse Masterclass.

Some of the names no doubt ring a bell with you. They are also top Belgian entrepreneurs who are well known in the start-up world. This is just a sample of the full line-up:

  • Hendrik Winkelmans is the founder of Fiets! and in seven years’ time he has built up the largest chain of bicycle shops in the Benelux countries. He is happy to share the insights he gained there during his Master Class on cash & finmix.
  • Davy Kestens is a serial entrepreneur and founder of the banking app Cake. He has already raised over 50 million in investment rounds and will teach you, among other things, how to create the perfect pitch deck for your startup.
  • Frank Maene is from the investment side of things. As a partner of Volta Ventures he knows better than anyone what investors need to be convinced by a start-up.
  • Pieterjan Bouten is co-founder of the fast-growing company Showpad. He will show you the way in preparing your term sheet.

But the Finance Masterclass consists of much more than that. We also have an expert in collecting subsidies, some entrepreneurs who starred in the VTM 2 programme Young Wolves and our Birdhouse Eagles to teach you everything you need to know about the finances of your business.

What material are you getting?

Besides the videos, Birdhouse Masterclass will also provide you with didactic material. For example, there are finance checklists available and there are e-books that you can continue to consult after the Masterclass. In addition, certain topics are accompanied by on-topic material, such as a Profit and Loss template (P&L template) to keep track of your startup’s income and expenses.

How much does the Birdhouse Masterclass cost?

Birdhouse Masterclass is offered per masterclass. The first Finance Masterclass, to be launched in January, will € 395 excl. VAT costs. The videos and all learning materials will then be available to you for 4 months.

For that amount of money, you’ll get tips and insights you won’t find anywhere else, from some of the most prominent entrepreneurs in Belgium.

In the middle of 2021 we will also launch the Marketing and Talent Masterclasses.

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