Are you operational in Agetech?

For the new vertical accelerator program, we have defined six major societal challenges within the Agetech domain together with the Agetech experts who will also participate in this program. Are you operational in one of these domains? Then this program is for you!

Why choose our Agetech accelerator program?

In the Agetech accelerator program, we offer you a range of additional sector-specific benefits on top of our existing offer:

Incredibly valuable network

In addition to access to more than 150 mentors/advisors from the general program, we offer you access to more than 30 people with experience in Agetech.

Access to investors active in Agetech

Through an ever-growing network of business angels and institutional investors operational in Agetech, we offer your start-up the connections it needs when seeking funding.

Set up a pilot with one of our go-to-market partners

With partners such as Aldea (21 residential care centers in Belgium & Spain) and the most important mutualities (Helan, CM…), we offer our start-ups the opportunity to set up pilots and immediately test their product or service in the field.
The strong multicultural and European context makes Belgium an ideal base for pilots. Moreover, with Brussels as the capital of Europe, you have direct access to the core of what is living and growing in the international social context.

Access to the best target group knowledge

Our Agetech experts will immerse you with all the need to know knowledge so that you can outline a go-to-market strategy with your start-up based on the right assumptions.
Experts in various European countries, sharing their knowledge of the different local Agetech markets (UK, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Spain. Israel…). In addition, marketing and design experts give you advice on how to approach this specific market. And in separate workshops we approach the methods for internationalization and scaling up.

Test your assumptions with more than 6000 people from your target group

Thanks to our partner The Aging Group (Bureau50) from the Netherlands, we can offer our start-ups access to a panel of more than 6000 people in Flanders and the Netherlands with ages between 48 and 104 with whom you can test your product/service or business model in organized focus groups during the process.

Learn from the best

Case stories from CEO’s of international agetech scale-ups take you through the do’s and dont’s, pitfalls and success factors to succeed in your own mission as a startup. Thanks to their international experience and learnings in terms of go-to-market and entry in different European countries and/or the United States, you as a startup will be able to move faster into the next phase of development.

These start-ups have grown exponentially with our Agetech Accelerator

Discover step by step if the Agetech program is for you

Are you ambitious and have already taken steps?

Every cohort, between 400 and 500 start-ups enroll in our accelerator. A total of 15 will eventually be admitted. The next cohort starts the 3th of April! To let you get the most out of our accelerator program, be sure to check out the selection process below.

What does our program look like now?

Created by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs

We offer an intensive program that is tailored to your start-up. With the following components you will work in a goal-oriented way to achieve your targets such as:

  • 1 strong lead mentor who will guide you intensively
  • Aging days with international agetech experts in go-to-market in Europe, marketing & design, upscaling & internationalization
  • Tailor-made advisory board with 4 experts
  • Access to additional 1 on 1’s with 150+ strong mentors/advisors
  • Access to our offices in Ghent, Antwerp and Brussels
  • Strong networking/working together between agetech startups

Where does the program take place?

Discover our hybrid way of working

  • Since 2021, we organize our program partly in real life, partly virtually. Important moments at the beginning, in the middle and end of the program are organized physically and we also provide sufficient (physical) networking opportunities throughout the program. The physical events take place alternately over our different physical locations.

Partnership with Belfius Insurance

Collaboration is the key to success

  • Belfius Insurance is our main partner and finances the accelerator program in order to support entrepreneurship and innovation in Agetech.
  • They offer the full program for our selected start-ups in the form of a convertible loan, in addition, if the minimum conditions are met (Belgium based companies only), the start-ups will receive funding of 50,000 euros (Bullet Loan).
  • Belfius Insurance has set aside an investment budget of 10 million euros to participate in the subsequent financing of our start-ups after or during the program. This of course only by the start-up’s request.

What does the selection process look like?

In 5 steps to explosive growth

To participate in our accelerator, you go through a few steps. Each step is valuable because you will receive useful feedback that will help your start-up further. So signing up is worth it! Do you have any questions about the agetech program? Please contact our program manager at

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3. Jury Evaluation

06/03/2023 – 11/03/2023

4. Due Diligence

16/03/2023 – 17/03/2023

5. Announcement


6. Start program


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