Choose the workshops and sessions that fit your start-up

During our boot camp we’ll immerse you in strategic exercises. Based on the outcome of these strategic exercises, we’ll map out an extensive track for you. You can find a preview here:

Expert sessions

During the expert sessions, after an introductory presentation, you’ll have a one-on-one conversation with an expert. You’ll talk to him or her about the challenges you’re facing. The focus will be on a different area of expertise each time: from KPI setting to sales and lead generation. You can count on thorough, tailor-made advice!

Focus Days

For a hefty dose of inspiration, visit our Focus Days! Keynote speakers from the top of the start-up scene (LinkedIn, Showpad, …) will share their inspiring experiences and visions on a specific theme. You’ll also follow a practical session so that you’ll go home not only with fresh inspiration but also with useful deliverables on this theme!

Advisory Board

Your advisors will consist of a mix of personalities with the right qualities to help you achieve your short-term goals. They’ll happily grant you access to their own network, so that you’ll be able to make valuable contacts that’ll help you grow.

Networking event

Our exclusive network event is the perfect opportunity to get acquainted with… our network! You’ll get to know investors, partners, alumni and other driven entrepreneurs. A unique opportunity to expand your network!

Expert Matching

Turning plans into action is what it’s all about! That’s why we put you into contact with national and international experts, so you can go from planning to execution in just a few weeks! Our experts combine their successful track record with a start-up way of thinking that delivers results.

Personal Tracks

During the course of the program you’ll be able to choose between different elective courses. Whether it’s to collect subsidies, implement your marketing plan, develop your business skills, raise funding or sales training…. You’ll get a program that is tailored to your needs, so you can optimally focus on the results!

Will we soon be part of each other’s network?