Both accelerator and incubator programs offer young companies the opportunity to grow, learn and take the next step. Birdhouse currently offers an accelerator program, but began as an incubator in 2016. What are the differences between the two?


An incubator is usually entered into for an indefinite period of time and often lasts longer than a year. This will give you optimal space to develop your ideas and your business. They often have no defined programme. You can join at any time and you leave the program when you have made the most of it.

An accelerator usually lasts 3 to 6 months and has a fixed start and end date. During this period you will be prepared for the next step by means of an intensive programme. At Birdhouse you will receive guidance from mentors, follow workshops and there are various networking opportunities.


Do you need a physical workplace and do you want to start networking? Then an incubator is the right place for you. If you are looking for more, an accelerator is a good option. In addition to the aforementioned mentoring, workshops and networking opportunities, at Birdhouse you will also receive personal and professional coaching, marketing advice and more. At Birdhouse we also work with regular partners, which means you can count on interesting services at an advantageous rate.

Workshop in Birdhouse Antwerp.


Incubators are usually open to everyone. There are a number of criteria that your business must meet, but they are often low key. In addition, the ambition to grow quickly is considered to a lesser extent. Accelerators, on the other hand, are very selective. Only a small number of companies are admitted, so you can always count on a tailor-made program of optimal quality.

Which program fits my business?

It is often thought that incubators are for start-ups and accelerators for scale-ups. That view is not correct. Both programmes are open to companies in both growth phases. We do see that the chance of being admitted to an accelerator is higher if your company already has a prototype, a team or some paying customers.

Why choose the Birdhouse accelerator program?

We prepare start-ups and scale-ups for sustainable growth in a short period of time. During our program, you will learn the skills that you can continue to apply throughout your career as an entrepreneur. In this way we strive to ensure that your business continues to grow, during and after your time at Birdhouse.

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