For many entrepreneurs, podcasts are the ideal way to stay current and learn new things without wasting valuable time. You listen and learn while you drive to clients, have lunch, or walk your laps in the park. Or, for the extremely trained multitaskers, while reading one of the books in our top 10. We selected 10 podcasts that you as a founder of a start-up should not miss.

1/ The Gary Vee audio experience

SuggestingGary Vaynerchuk is probably unnecessary. He’s written a few bestsellers, his talks draw packed halls, and his YouTube channel has over 2 million subscribers. As a digital pioneer, the entrepreneur naturally has a podcast packed with tips for getting your start-up into the market. Nice touch: Vaynerchuk also shares tips for tasting wine.

2/ 99% Invisible

Indispensable podcast for any startup developing products. The makers zoom in on the invisible aspects of design, architecture, etc. The things you don’t immediately see, but which shape the world around us. This wildly popular podcast has over250 million downloads and signed up for one of the most successful Kickstarter campaigns ever.

3/ Shopify Masters

Shopify not only allows start-ups to set up a webshop quickly and cheaply, but also has its own podcast. He shares tons of tips on how to build and market a successful webshop.

4/ The SaaS podcast

A must listen for every start-up building and selling Software-as-a-Service. The podcast compiles interviews with more than 200 entrepreneurs who have created their own SaaS companies.

5/ Marketing School – Digital Marketing

Neil Patel and Eric Siu share daily tips to take your digital marketing to the next level. From SEO and content marketing to their own biggest hits and fails. Down to earth, also excellent for beginners.

6/ ByBabba Out of Office podcast

Marketing agency ByBabba’s podcast shares stories of entrepreneurs who have followed a special career path. Entrepreneurs with surprising backgrounds talk inspiringly and openly about the choices they have made and the obstacles they have overcome.

7/ Mixergy

Almost 2,000 masterclasses zoom in on one specific challenge that start-ups are facing. As real mentors, the teachers explain how to overcome these obstacles. Very concrete, immediately usable.

8/ Hack to start

As the name suggests, Hack to Start goes all the way back to the very beginning of every start-up. To the very first steps. Founders talk about how they got the idea for their start-up and how they got started. Recognizable!

9/ The empowered marketer

In a nutshell, marketers share marketing tips. No ‘vague, inspirational ramblings‘, approaching people behind the podcast, but ‘actionable insights‘ to grow your sales. The focus is mainly on B2C.

10/ The side hustle show

Nick Loper had a stable, well-paying job at a corporate, but after his hours he built his own business. With his podcast he wants to inspire other entrepreneurial people not to be satisfied with their regular jobs, but to also pursue their own ideas and dreams. To side hustle.

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